Client: Bear Grylls
Role: Strategy
art direction
Credits: Aristide Benoist

We were asked to translate the brand values of inspire, educate and equip into the brands new digital strategy - bringing all the business operations under one roof. This would help the business have greater scope for growth, building further trust and confidence in the brand. To live up to the new vision and truly embody ‘adventure ’ we needed to take the visitor on a unique experience: literally an outdoor adventure brought to life online. We set out to emotionalise the experience of the individual through the theatre of outdoor adventure with Bear acting as the guide to the consumer’s journey. From the overall site design, interactions, transitions and content the overall theme was to position the Bear Grylls brand as the enabler to people's own adventures. To support this even further we launched an extensive social and content marketing campaign called 'The Adventurers'. Here we invited people to celebrate their achievements with the Bear Grylls brand by posting user generated content to the social wall within the website, building a community of like-minded individuals. The campaign's purpose would be to drive traffic, incentivising visitor sign up and creating an authentic buzz of brand advocacy.